What can attract investors to Lithuania?

After restoring its independence in 1991, Lithuania has been a member of the European Union and the NATO alliance since 2004. EU’s common currency, the euro, is used in the country.

Since leaving the Soviet Union, the country has strengthened its Western identity, implemented a series of reforms and fundamentally transformed its economy. The country with the manufacturing sector generating as much as 25% of gross domestic product (GDP) is safe, free and open for investment.

The Baltic Sea and the ice-free port of Klaipėda, four international airports, one of which has the capacity to accommodate transatlantic aircraft, an extensive rail and road network, a motivated workforce, institutional support and involvement all the way from the very first contact.

Also, Invest Lithuania, the foreign direct investment agency, is actively and successfully working with investors.

What general investment conditions do you provide?

If you invest at least €1 million in a fixed asset, you will pay no corporate profit tax for the first 10 years of operation and only 7.5% for the next six years. Free economic zones (FEZs) are exempt from property tax, and dividends are tax-free for foreign investors.

How does a FEZ work in Lithuania?

The tax treatment of FEZs is established at national level. Meanwhile, every FEZ operating in Lithuania is entrusted to a private operator who works directly with investors and acts as their mentor. We advise, counsel, help you choose the optimal site and provide infrastructure solutions.

Why Kėdainiai?

The area of the Kėdainiai FEZ is 130 hectares, of which 32% is occupied or reserved. It is home to Linde Gas company, Ikar liquid fertiliser factory, global cat and dog food manufacturer Kormotech, and Natural Fiber, a producer of hemp fibre for textiles. Important railway lines and land routes run near or through Kėdainiai.

Who are your main competitors for attracting investment?

We believe that the greatest competition for investors’ attention takes place primarily at cross-border level. The growing flow of investment into Lithuania shows that as a country we have a lot to offer. If you like Lithuania, we suggest you take a look at what opportunities the Šiauliai/Kėdainiai FEZs can offer to your business: from general conditions to an individual approach to your needs and expectations.
Land plots are adjusted to the size according to your needs
Land plots are adjusted to the size according to your needs
Land plots are adjusted to the size according to your needs
Land plots are adjusted to the size according to your needs
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